Rysic Cygo - Filth Beneath Bliss

Artwork for ded033
  • Gruntbox05:00
  • Red button eyes04:38
  • String theory04:33
  • Re-imagine the dancefloor02:52
  • Brave new girls07:50
  • Complicated Wych05:17
  • Diseased throat05:20
  • Shadowfax04:34
  • Twinbreak05:20
  • ded033

Filth Beneath Bliss is the product of years of experimentation by Ash West-Mullen A.K.A Mender. Created as a way of going in new directions without the constraints of familiar forms and sounds; the album that has emerged is dark and brutal, but has traces of light shining throughout. Distorted melodies twist and turn as they interact with powerful breakbeats and filthy basslines.

This beautiful, limited edition cassette tape is encased in a pristine, white case. Each cassette is hand finished, numbered and unique. Once these run out it is highly unlikely there will be a second run so get your hands on one now!

Filth Beneath Bliss was orgininally available on cassette world-wide and exclusive from Dedpop.co.uk. You can now download it from Bitnormal Records.

About Rysic Cygo

Rysic Cygo emerged, embryonic and nubile from the mind of Ash West-Mullen around March 2008 during a phase of experimentation with new electronic sounds. RC’s siamese twin… read more


  • Breakbeat



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