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Dedpop is an electronic music netlabel. Founded in 2008 and active into 2012 dedpop went on hiatus and lay dormant for many years. Now, in 2024, it's coming back.

Over the course of 5 years we put out almost 40 releases, starting with digital downloads and moving into cassette tapes.
We featured artists from the UK, Europe, Russia and the USA.

But by 2012 netlabels seemed less important. Bandcamp was gaining steam and it was getting easier to put your music out to Spotify and the like. We shut up shop and headed for the hills.

So what's changed?

In 2024 people are feeling differently about streaming services and Bandcamp, which has changed hands twice now. There are, thankfully, other ways for people to get their music online including Faircamp, Mirlo and or even by creating your own site from scratch. It doesn't seem like the best time to get back into the music sales business either. But I think there's still space for an oldschool netlabel putting out free downloads and perhaps the occasional physical release. A good netlabel curates releases so that it becomes like a music-loving mate whose taste you trust.

We're coming back

We're going to ramp up slowly at first and put out some carefully chosen EPs that I think you'll like. I'm planning on including remix packs with all releases to encourage artist introductions and collaborations. Let's face it, most people reading this make their own music so I thought we'd give you what you need to mess about with our artists' sounds. Every so often we'll pick some of the remixes and put out a compilation. If that sounds like your sort of thing and you'd like to get involved follow me on Mastodon or join the mailing list.

Pete Xylander
March 2024

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